Disney in the Rain

By Heidi What do you do at Disney when it rains?

Good question! I thought of several things that we could do (and have done) at Disney in the rain — things like browsing the shops at Downtown Disney, having a down day in our room, or going to DisneyQuest. However, when I think back over our past trips, one of my fondest memories happens to be of a rainy day and a certain quest that I was on for our family.

Back in 2005, we took a family trip to Disney. My parents went along, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to accomplish something that I had on my Disney Bucket List – take a family picture in each country of World Showcase. After all, my dad would be there to serve as photographer. This would be easy! But, I hadn’t factored in the possibility of rain.

Around World Showcase . . . in the rain

We began our journey in Mexico – heading clockwise around World Showcase. Not only did we want to get our family picture in each country, but we also had to stop at all the Kidcot Fun Stops along …read more

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