Beef Trencher

By Heidi My favorite food this week: Beef Trencher


Chowning’s Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg



Heidi Says . . .

On a recent trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I wanted to eat in one of the taverns. In the past, we’ve eaten at Shield’s and Christiana Campbell’s; so, this time, we decided to try Chowning’s. Not only were their menu items the cheapest; but they seemed to be things that would be more appealing to my family.

I decided, before we even got there, that I’d be having the Beef Trencher. Beef Brisket isn’t really a big thing here in PA, so it always appeals to me when we’re away. I wasn’t sure what sort of bread/roll that I’d be getting – with the description it sounded like a sandwich, but I wasn’t 100%. The flatbread was a nice addition and wasn’t overpowering.

I’m glad we decided to eat here. Brian got the same thing and he also seemed to really enjoy it. Ashley got the Shepherd’s Pie and Gracie ordered the Plow Man’s Favourite Flat Bread (she loved it).

It’s always fun to dine at the Colonial Taverns.
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