How to Make You Travel by Train, No Questions Asked!

By Heidi

The other week, the girls and I drove to Harrisburg to board the train bound for NYC. It was our first time using the train as transportation, but it certainly won’t be the last. I thought I’d share what we liked about it, and why we think you should consider taking the train on your next trip.

5 Great Reasons to Take the Train
More Affordable

We paid about $108 each for round trip tickets from Harrisburg, PA to New York City. (That price was including a AAA reduced rate.) For comparison’s sake, I just looked up the cost of flying between the same 2 cities, round trip all in one day and the cheapest flight is $848. I’m not even kidding. (And, just to be fair, I looked up train costs for the exact same date and times – $118. That’s quite a difference!)

Sure, we could drive to NYC – probably quicker than we got there on the train – but we’re not used to driving in big, busy cities; so the $108 per person was definitely worth the cost, even if for nothing more than my own peace of mind. Plus, had we driven, …read more

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