Our Visit to the Historic Triangle – Day 1

By Heidi

Last month, my family and I took advantage of the discounts for homeschoolers at Colonial Williamsburg (and the Historic Triangle) and went to visit for a long weekend. It had been 5 years since we were there, so it was high time! We did not make any arrangements to participate in the actual homeschool events at Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, or Yorktown. That turned out to have been a good decision, as I was limping around on a very-sprained ankle, and may not have been able to keep up with a time schedule. As a result, this trip was pretty laid back and unplanned.

We left home in two cars and made the drive to Williamsburg. When we finally got to the Williamsburg Woodlands, our room wasn’t ready, so we decided to head out.

Williamsburg Winery

Our first stop was to the winery. I had drug Brian to the winery years ago because I wanted the collectible wine glasses. He was not so enthusiastic about the tour though! This time, I knew that Ashley would enjoy the tour with me. We decided on the Sweet …read more

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