Katie Earns Her Ears by Katie Hudson

By Heidi

Last year, I reviewed a book from Theme Park Press called Amber Earns Her Ears. That book chronicled one girl’s journey through the Disney College Program. And, it inspired a whole series of books based on the same thing. I haven’t had opportunity to read Volumes 2 & 3 (or the latest in the series – Volumes 5 & 6); but I did recently have a change to read the 4th book in this series – Katie Earns Her Ears.

About the Book

In this Disney College Program diary, Texas girl Katie Hudson leaves behind her small town for a new life in Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland, experiences rogue roommate drama you won’t believe, and realizes that most pixie dust is bittersweet.

The “Earning Your Ears” series chronicles the experiences of young people from around the country and around the world who leave home, often for the first time, to live and work in Walt Disney World or Disneyland for several months, or even longer.

They are given “roles” to perform, from working in a Disney restaurant or shop to donning a costume and becoming one of the Disney characters who appear in the parks.

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