Night of Joy – The Future

By Tabitha

Laurie’s brings us her take on her first Night of Joy. I need to write mine still.

Tabitha bought me a ticket to the first night of the WDW hard ticket event, Night of Joy. I am an old fashioned Fanny Crosby fan and was not expecting to be too happy in the Magic Kingdom. I was so wrong and am ready to discuss major issues plaguing the event as well as my happy thoughts.
The major issue was the concerts. There were no theaters such as Beauty and the Beast at Hollywood Studios to hold the fans who stood in line up to 4 hours. The day I was there was rough on the fans at the forecourt. Disabled guests waited in line for 2 hours only to find out that the forecourt area had not been emptied so nobody who came for the second show was let into the forecourt area. The three stages were relatively flats so that only a few guests could clearly see the stages. Thankfully I was one of the disabled who got a front row seat in Tommorowland in a backstage area.

Christian music fans are ardent fans who will wait hours to …read more

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