Adrenaline DVD

By Heidi

I’ve got another family-friendly DVD to share with you! This one will definitely appeal to the race fans in your family (especially those who enjoy drag racing). But, it’s more than just a story about racing – it’s about perseverance and rising above adversity.

About Adrenaline

A drag racer’s life is turned upside-down after a near fatal car crash, leaving him paraplegic. Joseph Jenkins (Michael Rosander), thinks his life is over, but while in the hospital, he meets Elijah Salisbury (Gregory Alan Williams), who gives him a new perspective on life and helps get him back to living. When Jason returns home, an old friend of his father’s, Paul Sharpe (John Schneider) steps in and helps him back into a race car,and teaches him how to race all over again.

“After straightening the curves all these years, it was a pleasure to finally race in a straight line,” said Schneider, the beloved “Dukes of Hazard” star. “I am very excited about this film.”

Heidi Says . . .

We all really enjoyed this movie. We’re all fans of John Schneider and The Dukes of Hazzard, so we were excited …read more

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