Organize Your Space with QuickStick

By Heidi

A few months ago, I shared about my experience with Yube cube storage solutions. The Yube has come in so handy in organizing my office/homeschool space by providing extra shelving space for me.

But, what about my desk? My desk area is “my” space. So, in addition to my computer and all my stuff for work and homeschool, my desk also houses a lot of my personal things as well. But, I’m getting ahead of myself . . .

Right after I shared my review of Yube, I was asked to take a look at another product from the same company.


QuickStick was developed as a better, more effective solution to ineffective old-timey suction-based “hooks” and very messy “Command”-like products that will stick for a while but lose grip over time. The advantage of QuickStick’s technology is that you can restick it again and again!

I received a 3-pack of Modern Hooks in Blue, a 3-pack of Classic Hooks in Magenta, and a Kitchen Utility Multi-pack (which included 3 sizes of Tool Holders and 1 Towel Grabber.

I was attracted to the …read more

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