Stepping into History at Colonial Williamsburg

By Heidi

(If you missed it, last week I posted about Day 1 of our visit to Virginia’s Historic Triangle.)

After a not-so-restful night (thanks to our unruly neighbors), we ventured down to the very crowded breakfast room at the Williamsburg Woodlands to fuel up for the morning. The place was a madhouse! We were able to score a few things for breakfast, but couldn’t find a table, so we ended up eating on a bench outside.

See that lovely path on the photo above? That’s the walkway from our hotel to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center. Really, it couldn’t have been any prettier or more peaceful (even though the hotel was so full!)

We walked over to the Visitor Center, and were directed to another area to check-in for our homeschool discount tickets. The kids were each given a bandanna to go along with a fun online game that you can play throughout your stay at Colonial Williamsburg (we started it, but got quickly sidetracked).

The walk from the Visitor Center to the Revolutionary City is pretty long (especially when you’re dealing with a sprained ankle); but, we made it and were …read more

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