Disney Shuts Down Web Scraping Dining Reservation Sites

By Tabitha

Laurie gives her take on the Dining sites that were shut down. I know there is a big mix of how people feel about these companies. I didn’t like that you had to pay to get the dining reservations but I did use them on my own personal trip and got Be Our Guest for 9 people. I have also had a few clients that used them too and loved them. So I understand that some like them and some do not. I look for reservations for my clients even after we can’t initially find them. It is very frustrating not being able to get them. I do whatever I can to see about getting them for my clients. But I also hate that people had to pay to actually get them.

The first thing we need to understand is “web scraping”. Scraping is also known as Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Web Harvesting, and other names. Scrapers are tools used to gather information from websites. Usually this is done for the Yellow Pages and marketing information not for scalping. Scrapers can be beneficial in collecting data for a phone directory however these …read more

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