Girls Getaway Weekend FAQ

By Amanda We’ve had a lot of question regarding the 1st Annual Girls Getaway Weekend so I thought I would take a few moments to answer them!
What is the Girls Getaway Weekend?This weekend is a chance to reconnect with your friends and family in a relaxing and magical place! It’s a weekend just for the ladies….just because! Everyone has their own reasons for joining. Some need a break from work, others want to reconnect with friends that maybe they haven’t seen in a while. The weekend is whatever you want it to be!

What group is running this…I don’t know who’s going and don’t think it’s for me.While the weekend is being hosted by Living With The Magic Vacations, everyone is welcome! There is no specific club or group attending. It’s a mix of friends, family, past and future clients. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is welcome to invite whomever they like!
Ok…but what if I don’t have anyone to go with?That’s ok! We have a singles list started. Come meet some great ladies and find someone to room with, regardless of your budget. Join our Facebook group HERE.
I’m still not quite sure I get it…what exactly goes on during …read more

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