Strong and Kind by Korie Robertson

By Heidi

Around our house, we were a little late in jumping on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon. See, we don’t have cable service, so we never saw the show. We wondered what the fascination was with it. I mean, seriously? A family of bearded duck hunters? What could be so awesome about that?!

Then, one day, we noticed that we could watch some episodes of the show on Hulu or Amazon Prime or something (honestly, I don’t remember which it was). We were all sitting around with nothing to do one evening, and decided to give it a whirl. We laughed so hard. And we were touched by the family togetherness and the Christian values.

Since that time, we’ve watched every episode that we could, bought the rest on DVD, and have every single book that they’ve published. We’ve read them all and loved them all – it’s hard to pick a favorite. We follow our favorites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We love keeping up with Robertson family news.

I guess you could say we’re on the bandwagon – in a big way! …read more

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