Visiting the Indians at Jamestown Settlement

By Heidi

The last time we went to visit the Historic Triangle in Virginia, we participated in the homeschool programs being offered by Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center. We were so impressed with the programs and both facilities in general. I just love history and the fact that these places are providing experiences in which kids and adults alike can experience history through hands-on exhibits just makes me happy.

We spent Monday of our recent trip visiting both places, but I’m going to focus on Jamestown Settlement in this post, and will talk about Yorktown Victory Center next week.

The day was threatening rain, so we wanted to be sure to see all the outside exhibits (hopefully) before getting soaked. So, we passed through the main building and headed outside toward the Indian Village.

Exploring the Indian Village

We loved exploring their homes – which were not teepees, but longhouses. It was interesting to see all the homemade baskets, etc. hanging from the ceiling for lots of uses. And we liked how all around them house were beds that doubled as seating areas during the day. Of course, there was a fire pit in the …read more

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