Purina ONE? Frodo Says “Yes, Please!”

By Heidi

We rescued our dog Frodo a little over 2 years ago. He’s a Shih Tzu and has the most crooked little teeth! I joke that he needs doggy braces. When we first brought him home, he gagged and burped a lot. We started him on Purina Little Bites because he seemed to have trouble chewing other foods we tried.

Last year, Gabe entered our family. He’s a Pug and, as a puppy, he seemed to have a weak stomach. When we switched him from puppy food to regular dog food, it took several tries to find something that wouldn’t give him diarrhea. Finally, we settled on a lamb & rice formula that seemed to work for him.

I never thought I’d have two dogs eating two different types of food; but it’s how things worked out. Gabe is a piggy and would be more than happy to eat Frodo’s food; Frodo isn’t very aggressive, but he looks longingly ate Gabe’s food when I’m scooping it up, though he’d never actually take any.

Introducing Purina ONE

When I got the opportunity to participate in the 28-Day Challenge with Purina ONE and Smiley, I …read more

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