Review: Sheriff Callie’s Wild West – Howdy Partner!

By Terri

I’m gonna be honest. I find Sheriff Callie a little hokey. Reminds me of Country Bear Jamboree (please don’t throw your turkey legs at me!) A little hokey, sort of cute, I’ll watch if I have to. Since my 3 year old loves Sheriff Callie, I have to watch more often that I’d prefer! Given the chance to review the new DVD at least gave me some quality time to hang out with my little cowgirl.

Sheriff Callie’s Wild West – Howdy Partner is the latest DVD filled with five fun episodes AND a free exclusive pop-up play set. The episodes were cute, with fun catchy songs, which my 3 year old loved to sing and dance along to.

Now here’s where things got interesting… I had NO idea that Mandy Moore, THE Mandy Moore was the voice of Callie! What rock have I been living under? There are some more celebrity voices in the series, but I found the Milk Bandit to be most surprising! It was Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers! Even more interesting was finding out that Flea was also a voice in Inside Out! Pretty cool!

Overall, if your little one is a fan already of …read more

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