Spinach & Bacon Souffle

By Heidi My favorite food this week: Spinach & Bacon Souffle


Panera Bread (Breakfast)

Heidi Says . . .

Here is how Panera describes this little circle of deliciousness:

Freshly baked soufflé made with our savory egg mixture, spinach, cheddar cheese and bacon, and flavored with a dash of Tabasco®, a hint of garlic and a squeeze of lemon juice.

All I know if that, if I’m ever at Panera for breakfast, this is what I get. Every. Single. Time. It’s delicious. And it’s so filling!

Ian and I were out at Panera for a breakfast date a few weeks ago. I got this and he got the Four Cheese Souffle. He ate about 2/3 of his and he was full. They don’t look very big, but they sure do fill you up!

What do you get for breakfast at Panera?

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  • Lisa Zdrojewski

    I’m a single mother of a 7yr. old & I’ve taken her 4 times by myself.WE have the best time EVER!!!