ESV Journaling Bible – Take 2

By Heidi

So, let me tell you a little something about me that you might not know . . . I am a note-taker. I’ve been taking notes ever since high school. And my notes need to be organized (to satisfy the “paperwork perfection” tendencies that I have).

So, way back before I started hearing (and seeing) everyone talking about Journaling Bibles, I bought one. We had started attending a church that uses ESV as their primary translation. And, while I have a perfectly lovely ESV Study Bible, I wanted something smaller, more lightweight, and portable to carry back and forth to church with me. When I went searching for ESV translations, I found a Journaling Bible and thought, “How perfect?!” I’d have my Bible and my notebook all rolled into one!

Then, the Bible Journaling craze seemed to hit! And I didn’t jump on the bandwagon because I had already started using my Journaling Bible for NOTES. And it would be just awful to mix the artwork and the notes into one Bible (in my mind!) So, I’ve steered clear of the bandwagon.

Until now. Because I received another ESV Journaling …read more

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