Kobe Beef Meatloaf

By Heidi My favorite food this week: Kobe Beef Meatloaf


Jax at the Tracks
Truckee, CA



Heidi Says . . .

A few weeks ago, when the girls and I were visiting Truckee, CA on business, we wanted to dine at a local establishment. So, one night, we all went out to eat at Jax on the Tracks. Apparently, this restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives (making it the second time Ashley and I had eaten at a restaurant featured on that show).

I wanted to get something that was locally popular, and the waiter recommended this meatloaf, which was featured on the show. Apparently, it’s the most requested menu item; so I couldn’t resist trying it. Here is how it’s described:

An Individually Handmade Meatloaf, With Applewood Bacon Wrap, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Brocolini and Root Beer Raisin Glaze. Uhhh. Yeah.

This was a very interesting and delicious meal. The meatloaf, wrapped with bacon, and topped with the onion strings, was reminiscent of the one I’ve enjoyed at Wolfgang Puck Express. But, the Root Beer Raisin Glaze was very unique and gave the meatloaf a sweet, different taste. In fact, on it’s own, I found the …read more

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