Laurie’s Trip Tips

By Tabitha

Animal Kingdom

Sometimes we forget about things like candy wrappers at the bottom of our purse. I started my day trip with the cleaning of my purse. I removed anything that could not be replaced like photos then removed pens that do not work, candy wrappers, trash, and old business cards. I went through my credit cards and put my credit cards, driver’s license, and AP discount card at the top of the pile.

Do you need a Publix discount card? Most people will not use their discount cards on a trip but will spend time trying to replace them when lost or stolen. Leave at home stuff you don’t need. Make a list of places you will have to call to replace things. I moved and to this day am finding forwarded mail from companies that I forgot to notify. Do you have a copy of your eyeglass prescription so you can order a new pair? I always plan as if I was tossed into Bay Lake and came out with everything lost. If you loose your eyeglass case does it have a contact number? The contact number can be your mother or friend. As for GPS always use a local …read more

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