Mommy and Me Trip Planning

By Amanda I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…travel agents can make the WORST clients! When it comes to other people it’s easy for me to make decisions based on my professional opinion. I can suggest the logical, and best way to tour the parks, which parks to visit, how many times to visit….etc, etc,etc…but when it comes to my own trip? Well I seem to change my mind over and over again!
The Girls (Christmas 2014)
Ultimately I took a step back and thought about the purpose of our last minute, Mommy and me trip!Spending quality time with my kiddos at their favorite placeSeeing all their favorite charactersTaking advantage of all the Christmas we can squeeze in to 2 days!
There were a few things I knew I needed to include.Osborne lights is a MUST! This was what spawned the whole trip!Meeting Santa (and more characters) at EPCOTA parade and fireworksDid I mention the characters? That’s Kennedy’s FAVORITE part of Disney.Since it’s just me and the girls we won’t be doing a ton of rides…even though Kennedy talks about Splash Mountain on a daily basis lol! Our schedule will likely revolve around character meet and greets, shows and …read more

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