Red Robin Onion Rings

By Heidi My favorite food this week: O-Ring Shorty


Red Robin



Heidi Says . . .

I love onion rings if they are GOOD onion rings and the ones at Red Robin are among my absolute favorites. Often, when we are there as a family, we will splurge and get an order as an appetizer. We love that they have added the smaller O-Ring Shorty (a 1/2-size appetizer) to their menu because, when just 2 of us go out for lunch or dinner, we can get this order without feeling guilty (or like pigs!) Ashley and I split this for her birthday lunch last Sunday and we loved them.

My only question is why they serve them with a little container of ranch dressing – that just doesn’t seem like a compliment to onion rings. We love the other dipping sauce, and fight over that one. Next time, I think I’ll ask for two of those and pass on the ranch!

What’s your favorite appetizer at Red Robin?

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