Teenage Girls, Smartphones & #StickaPic Fun

By Heidi

I’ve been a longtime fan of HP printers. Over the years, we’ve been through several HP printers, and it’s never a shame for them when they bite the dust. Homeschoolers use printers for EVERYTHING, so I love the printers that also work as scanners and copiers. We currently have 2 printers set up and running in our home – a deskjet that we purchased a few years ago, and an Envy that I received for being a member of the Hp Smart Moms panel. That printer sits directly beside my desk and is a big part of my daily life! Not only is it a wireless printer that also works with our smartphones, but it can be set up to print out weekly and HP is always coming up with awesome new things to create with it.

Most recently, we were introduced to their #StickaPic products. Simply downloading the HP Social Media Snapshots App and purchasing the sticky-backed photo sheets at Staples will allow you and your family to have hours and hours of printing fun right from your smartphone!

Who loves smartphones and selfies more than teenage girls?

Nobody that I can think of. …read more

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