4 Great Reasons to Love Disney

By Heidi

Disney’s Charitable Acts of Love

Now there’s a reason to love Disney more. . . part from making the coolest characters that kids and kids-at-heart love, the company that is made out of pure love actually does a lot of charitable works. In fact, it probably is the most active company that supports the welfare of marginalized children.

image credit: designingdisney.com

There are three priorities to Disney’s charity: Health, enhancing kids’ creativity, and preservation of nature.

Health of Kids

Just like some nice actors and actresses from Hollywood do, Disney often visits hospitals and surprises kids. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and the rest of the gang entertain kids to lift their spirits up for a speedy recovery. Apart from visiting hospitals, Disney donates monetary funds to help families prepare for natural calamities or man-made disasters.

Disney’s reach goes way beyond the sick kids, too. It tries to warm the heart of children who lost their parents from military service. It basically does what some charities operating in countries that are ravaged by war do for those who do not get basic needs because no one will provide it for them. Education, health, and food are all important for Disney, and it does everything it …read more

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