Mommy and Me Trip Recap (Part 2)

By Amanda Last I left off the kids were asleep and I was waiting on our Magical Express luggage to arrive. Around 11 p.m. it did indeed show up and we slept nice and soundly…until 3 a.m. when my youngest decided she did in fact NOT want to sleep in the pack n’ play and would rather sleep on my face instead. Waking up every hour with different requests (Momma…Momma….TV?? TV??). Finally it was time to actually get up and get ready for our first day!Our plan today was to spend the morning at EPCOT and then the evening at Hollywood Studios. I set the kids up with drinks (that I had grabbed from the food court the night before) and Pop Tarts I had packed in our luggage, and grabbed a quick shower. Soon we were dressed and out the door!So excited she couldn’t sit still!

Mom..this looks like Belle’s fountain..can you take my picture?Kennedy got two surprises this morning…one was the matching shirts the girls and I wore and the 2nd was a brand new, Christmas Autograph book!
Getting to EPCOT was fairly painless. The bus showed up within a few minutes. Getting on …read more

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