Perfect Skewers with Cave Tools

By Heidi

Around here, we pretty much love grilling in the summer months. But, one thing we had never made is kabobs. I’m not really sure why because #1 – they’ve always been very appealing to me, and #2 – we have kabob sticks.

When I was introduced to Cave Tools and given the opportunity to check out one of their products, I was immediately attracted to the Kabob Skewers Rack.

When I saw that the rack raised the skewers up so that they aren’t laying directly on the grill, I thought it was a totally genius idea. The skewers lay in indents on the rack, and are easy to grab onto (with a hot pad of some kind!) and turn them for even cooking.

The weather here in PA is normally not conducive to grilling at this time of year. So, when the rack arrived, I set it aside, hoping for one warm day to use it. It’s been unseasonably warm – but rainy – the past several weeks. And Brian – my resident griller – doesn’t get home from work ’til after dark.

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