Txtpress Yourself with Gotta Bandage TxTpressions

By Heidi

I need to preface this post by saying that I was an 80’s kid, who heard that “I am stuck on Band-Aids” commercial so many times that the word “bandaid” has become synonymous with the word “bandage.” So, if you see me use it in this post, it’s entirely that commercial’s fault. (And, for the record, I feel the same way about things like Pop-tarts – w. hat the heck is a toaster pastry anyway?!)

Around our house, we go through a LOT of bandaids. A LOT! My 9-year-old thinks they are the heal-all. He puts them on everything from bug bites to scratches. He even puts them on “invisible” aches and pains. So, when the rest of us go for a bandaid, the box is often empty! Or, it will be a Sunday, right before church, and we’ll reach for a clear adhesive bandage, only to find them all; at which point, we have to settle for a Lightning McQueen or Buzz Lightyear one. (Not that I’m complaining – I do love Disney! But, you know . . . )

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