Looking Back on my 2015 Reviews

By Heidi

My blogging friend Fadra, from over at All Things Fadra, posted a “review of her 2015 reviews” post and I thought it was ingenious! Because, the truth is, you might just love something at first; but, do you really end up using it? Does it hold up? Or did the excitement fizzle after a few more weeks or months? So, I’ve decided to look back over the products I’ve reviewed this past year, and share my current thoughts on them.

Rather that reinvent the wheel, I’m going to quote Fadra here, because she put my thoughts on blog product reviews into words:

I’m still old school in that I don’t accept money for reviews. True, I receive complimentary products and by many standards that is, indeed, a form of compensation. But the reason I don’t accept monetary compensation is that, for me, honest and authentic reviews are a matter of trust. And when money exchanges hands, I’m not sure if that level of trust is still intact.

This has always been my thought on blog reviews – from way back when I first started heading up a large product review team for a homeschool magazine …read more

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