Words Worth Reading – 1/6/16

By Heidi

I love reading. And I read as much as I can (which is not as much as I’d like). I read books that never make it to my blog for blog reviews. And I read articles and blog posts that go unnoticed by others. So, taking a cue from my friend Jonathan, I’m going to start sharing these things with you. Who knows? You might find exactly what YOU need to read. (I won’t promise weekly posts, but I will promise to share what I find that is worthy to be shared.)

In Print

Years ago, at the used bookstore at the beach, I purchased At Home in Mitford {aff} by Jan Karon. I read it and passed it along to my mom. We both loved it and quickly collected the rest of the series. It’s been several years, and I decided it’s high time for me to return to Mitford for awhile. So, I pulled out this lovely (very well-used) book and have been reading it again.

If you love fiction and the opportunity to go to another place in your mind, I’d highly recommend this …read more

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