The Perfect Disney Stroller, Part One – Intro

By Jonathan

So, you’re taking your family to Walt Disney World. If any of your families are like mine, that means now is the time to start planning – serious planning. Lists begin immediately, dining reservations are made, clothes shopping begins, etc. One of the other big discussions in our household is which stroller(s) to bring. For some people, a stroller is a stroller. You don’t care if you have an umbrella stroller or the one your neighbor let you borrow – if your kid can sit in it and it rolls, it will work. If that’s you, more power to you. For some of us, however, the stroller is one of the single most important items we take on a trip.

Why is your stroller so important? Well, for our family it’s important for many reasons. First, we want our children to be comfortable. Many of our trips are during warm times of the year and tired children equal cranky children, which equals cranky parents. Who wants to be cranky at Disney? Second, we have to lug that thing all over the place – on and off planes, buses, boats; through restaurants, stores, airports, hotels; up and down stairs; etc, so we …read more

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