Whiskey River BBQ Burger

By Heidi My favorite food this week: Whiskey River BBQ Burger


Red Robin


$10.39 with Bottomless Fries or a replacement side

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Heidi Says . . .

When I’m hungry for a burger, Red Robin is often my go-to. Their burgers are delicious. Always cooked to perfection – I can order a well-done burger and it’s got no pink in it, yet its still juicy! Not many places can do that! I’ve tried many of their burgers – and other sandwiches – but I always find my way back to the Whiskey River BBQ Burger. The combination of toppings makes this one a favorite:

Our smoky, tangy tribute to the Wild West. We roped together our signature bourbon-infused Whiskey River® BBQ sauce, crispy onion straws, Cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo. See if you can hang on to it for eight seconds.

My picture (above) doesn’t look too pretty. I know it’s not good practice for a food blogger to take a picture AFTER a bite or two has been eaten, but I think it would have been better in this case – as it would have better showcased the INSIDE of the …read more

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