What Happens at a Disney Youth Education Series Class?

By Terri

One of Disney’s best-kept secrets is their Youth Education Series (Y.E.S. for short). The Youth Education Series is meant for school-age children (age 5 though 18) to part-take in an accredited educational class held inside one of Walt Disney World’s theme parks! There are over 20 classes students may part-take in ranging in a variety of subjects from physics, to history to animal science (and more!)

Our Experience (September 2015)

WDW Hints had the pleasure of organizing a YES trip in September of 2015 (and we’re going again in September of 2016 – details here!) We offered 3 classes that students could participate in. Most students chose one class, but several took two! Here’s an overview of each class and what we learned!

How Things Move

How Things Move is a physics class meant for Kindergarteners through 2nd graders as they determine the types of energy that cause specific attractions to move. Our students rode the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Goofy’s Barnstormer, and the People Mover at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Each student was able to design their own rollercoaster using the types of energy and motion they had learned about and experienced. Due to their young age, our students …read more

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