Help! I Need Stock in Tissues!

By Heidi

I live in Pennsylvania and winter is, by far, my least favorite season! (If I lived in Florida, it would be my favorite season, but that’s a story for another post!) Anyway, usually around October, I start to get cold and my nose gets stuffed up. And, I don’t warm up and stop sniffing ’til about March or April. It’s annoying. And we go through quite a large quantity of tissues. We buy them in bulk – like the 10 box packs at Costco – and have to buy at least 3 of these each winter! (In fact, that box pictured above is the last of our 10 pack, so a trip to Costco is definitely in order soon!)

I’ve never really thought to take anything for my stuffy nose – I have just always considered it something that I have to deal with each winter. But, I was recently asked to check out Advil’s Sinus Congestion & Pain medication, so I thought I’d give it a go. The packaging states that this medication is for nasal congestion, sinus pressure, nasal swelling, headache, fever, and body aches. Normally, I don’t like …read more

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