Classic Disney Songs with a Retro Rock Vibe

By Heidi

I’m pretty sure I saw Elvis last week while I was pumping my gas at the local convenience store. He is still alive, right?

Just kidding! But, I’d have a much better chance of thinking I had seen Elvis if I lived where I really want to live – in Florida! I just might run into Peter Alden, Elvis impersonator extraordinaire. That would be fun!

Fortunately for me, I was given the privilege of listening to Peter’s new album – based on Favorite Disney Classics – Kingdom Classics. And I’ve really been enjoying it!

I mean, just look at that list of songs! The only one I really didn’t know before is “Rock Around the Mouse.” All these other songs are longtime favorites of mine. Peter sings them in such a way that it really sounds like Elvis is singing Disney songs. And while I’m not a huge Elvis fan, I really, really enjoy this album. It’s just plain fun!

And, one of the best measuring sticks for a good album, to me, is the ability to be able to sing along. …read more

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