An Amazing Joyful Journey with Women of Faith

By Heidi

Have you been to a live Women of Faith event? Unfortunately, I have not. But I’ve always kept up with the media surrounding Women of Faith and their speakers throughout the years. I’ve watched video coverage of their events and clips from events. I’ve followed speakers on social media, blogs, and websites. And I’ve read their books.

So, while I haven’t actually ever attended a live event, my life has been touched by the Women of Faith speakers over the years.

When I heard about Women of Faith: An Amazing Joyful Journey movie event, not only was I excited to attend, but I was extra excited to be able to share the event with friends.

Next Thursday, February 18th, three friends and I will be heading to the local theater to see this fun movie. I’m anxious to laugh, be inspired and uplifted by the speakers, and enjoy the fellowship of other women.

And the best part? You can too!

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