LEGO KidsFest is Coming to PA!

By Heidi

For the past 30+ years of my life, I’ve been stepping on those random little LEGO bricks! (Can you say, “ouch”?!) First it was my brothers – I remember them each having their own special case to store their LEGO bricks in, one was red and one was blue. Nowadays, it’s my son Ian. He’s pretty much obsessed with all-things LEGO, from the building bricks to the movies to the video games – he loves it all.

As much as it hurts to step on those little buggers, I really can’t complain. LEGO has created something that has not only stood the test of time, but has had great educational value for many, many children over the years. And my son is no exception. I love that I can purchase something for him to play with that contains no batteries and makes no noise, but it encourages him to learn and think outside the box.

Last year, we had opportunity to attend a LEGO event that was held in the Philadelphia area. We took some friends and Ian had an absolute blast (though, I must admit, I complained a …read more

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