Watching Musicals at Home

By Heidi

Several months ago, I shared about one of the resources that we’re using as part of our 2 Year Musical Journey. Of course, my plan was to share more resources periodically; but time has gotten away from me and I haven’t gotten those posts scheduled in. Today, however, I’m changing that by sharing another of the many things that we are using to make this study a success.

We have been trying to make it to see as many live musical productions as we possibly can. And, if you’ve been following our journey, then you know that we’ve done quite a few so far. (See the list at the bottom of this post for complete details.)

But, sometimes it’s not possible to attend a live show. Maybe it’s not showing locally, or the dates don’t fit into our schedule. Or maybe it’s a show that we’d love to see, but it no longer in production anyway.

Whatever the reason, it’s nice to have the back-up luxury of musicals on DVD.

They are perfect for pulling out on cold wintry days. Rainy days are also a great time for pulling out a musical DVD …read more

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