Coaster Crusade

By Heidi

About Coaster Crusade
Two Men, Thirty Roller Coasters

What happens when two guys from Mississippi want to ride lots of roller coasters, but there are no roller coasters in Mississippi? Road trip! And not just any road trip. Four days. Thirty roller coasters. Plus they live to tell the tale.

With all the books written about Disney and Universal theme parks, you’d think there weren’t any others. But there are lots of regional parks scattered across the United States, and many of them are best-known for their roller coasters: steel, wood, and screams. Coaster connoisseurs Bryce and Zach, school teachers by day, put up their chalk and pull down their lap bars for a wild trek to ride more roller coasters than you’ll probably ride in your life.

Bryce and Zach’s tales from their coaster crusade include:

Apollo’s Chariot, the first hypercoaster on the crusade, lives up to its godly aspiration, but the nearby Loch Ness Monster turns out to be just a big fish story
Intimidator 305, in King’s Dominion, nearly puts Bryce down for the count
Fury 325, the tallest and fastest giga coaster in the world, tests Zach’s fear of heights
The boys tackle over two dozen …read more

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