Our First Cruise Report – Day 2

By Heidi

Waking Up on the Disney Dream

Tuesday morning, we woke up at 6:30. I know, I know . . . what’s wrong with us waking up that early on vacation?! But, really, I was hoping to see the sunrise from our verandah, but we were on the wrong side of the ship. We did spend some time just standing outside though, soaking up the beautiful morning, while the light mist hit us. (Again, I have to say, I’m so glad we paid for the verandah room!)

I could get used to waking up with this view each morning!

We got ready and headed out to Enchanted Garden for breakfast. We knew it was on our dinner rotation for that evening, so we were hoping to see both of our servers there – and we did! Breakfast at Enchanted Garden is buffet style and contains all sorts of hot foods, pastries, fruits, etc.

Checking Out Nassau

After breakfast, we went to check out the Shopping Desk on the ship – there is seriously a couple who works on the ship whose job it is to tell people how and where to shop! Now, that …read more

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