Easy DIY Easter Wreath with PEEPS®

By Heidi

If you spend any time on social media, surely you’ve seen at least one or two PEEPS® memes floating around. (If you haven’t seen them, just do a search for “peeps memes” and you’ll see what I mean.) They always make me chuckle.

I’ve never been a fan of marshmallows (though I love walking past them in stores because they smell so darn good!); but my oldest daughter LOVES PEEPS® (and bunnies, and snowman, and . . . the list goes on!) so we always have to stock up on them during the holidays.

Even though I’m not particularly fond of eating PEEPS®, I have to admit that they are incredibly cute. So, I thought that, in honor of my daughter, it would be fun to use her favorite treats to create a fun Easter wreath. This craft is simple & cheap – even the kids can help with it (but be forewarned: they WILL beg to eat them!)

Gather Your Supplies

The best thing about this craft is that it takes very few supplies. All you need is a wreath form of some sort (I went with a straw wreath that I found …read more

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