4 Ways to Make Cleaning Up After Your Child Way Easier

By Heidi

Laura Brooks from Sewing Makes Me Happy is stopping by to share more great tips this month (be sure to check out her post on Pillow Case Crafts). I know I, for one, have trouble keeping after my kids to keep their things organized; so these tips will come in handy for me. I hope you enjoy them also. ~Heidi

Keeping track of your children’s stuff can be a time consuming venture. Toys, especially, can be hard for kids to clean up, and the sheer number that many children have make quick and efficient cleanup nearly impossible.

I’ve put together a few ways that you can make your clean up times go a bit quicker by making just a few changes to your kid’s stuff and where you store it.

Add Labels to Clothing

Folding and sorting clothes, especially if you have multiple children is a time consuming process. You can sew in labels to your kid’s clothes to make this process fly by.

Sew all of the names in the same place, and you’ll be flying through your folding and sorting in no time. Custom woven labels that you just have to sew or iron onto your child’s …read more

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