The Disney Collection by Jamberry is here!!

By Terri

Jamberry Nails!

I was first introduced to Jamberry nail wraps 2 years ago. They are a fantastic alternative to nail polish and are a quick and easy way to make your nails look great! No mess, no chipping, no smells AND (fun fact) – they are gluten-free! (Not that you’d eat them, but just incase you’ve got a gluten-sensitivity – you can rest easy knowing that if your hands go near your mouth – you’re safe!)

The Disney Collection

Being a Disney fanatic, I was so excited when Jamberry released their Disney Collection! There are several wrap designs featuring Aurora, Ariel and Minnie Mouse… and rumor is, there are more Disney-themed wraps to come!


Given the opportunity to try a design from the Disney Collection, I immediately chose Bow-Dacious. Application of the wraps is fairly simple – a little awkward for beginners, but you catch on quickly. Simply trim the wrap to the size of your nail, apply heat to the wrap (I use a blow dryer) then press the wrap onto your nail. I’ll use the blow dryer again after application just to heat things up and press the wrap firmly into place to ensure it’s nice and tight. …read more

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