4 Great Reasons to Fly JetBlue

By Heidi

I live in central PA and, quite often, find myself flying out of Harrisburg because it’s local and convenient. Of course, going this route really limits my choice of airlines. More often than not, I really don’t have a wide choice of times, let alone airlines. So, we take whatever we can get.

When I’m traveling with family or friends, though, I’m not opposed to driving a bit further to get to a larger airport with more options. Recently, when my husband and I were making plans to get to Orlando for our Disney Cruise, we chose to fly out of Baltimore. Not only were we able to get the flight times that we wanted, but the cost was a bit cheaper and the flight was direct. We really didn’t pay a whole lot of attention the airline – we ended up with JetBlue, which I had never flown with before.

Upon checking in the day before, I checked out this webpage and saw some of the features that were promised with JetBlue and, I must admit, I was skeptical. I mean, let’s face it, if you do …read more

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