Our 2016 Interview with Celebrity Artist Kevin-John

By Crissy

We interviewed Kevin-John back in 2014 and figured it’s time to catch-up and see what his latest projects have been!

WDW Hints: Last time we chatted in 2014, you were getting ready for the official release of “Flowers and Figment.” You have completed many beautiful pieces for Disney since then, could you tell us about them?

Kevin-John: I have completed a couple of Haunted Mansion pieces to celebrate the 45th anniversary. “The Hat Box Ghost” was my first piece for Disney and it continues to be a really popular piece for both Disney World and Disneyland.

I also created a piece called “As The Tombstones Quake.” That was a little bit of a different piece for me in terms of style. It was more of a stylized character version of the gravedigger (the cemetery character from the Haunted Mansion). It’s kind of a fun “Scooby Doo-style” of art. I always loved those original Scooby Doo cartoons from the 60s when I was a kid. They had beautifully painted backgrounds and I loved the colors that they used. This piece is an ode to the artists on that series.

I then created a “Headless Horseman in Liberty Square.” Again, …read more

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