Classic Toys Go Tiny!

By Heidi

What were some of your favorite childhood toys? Ones that definitely stand out in my mind are the Chatter Telephone and anything Little People. I also remember playing with my cousin’s Magic 8 Ball; and, years later, having one of my own. I’m sure that some of these may have been among your favorites as well.

Guess what? You can now get some of your favorite childhood toys in mini versions! Super Impulse, makers of the successful World’s Smallest line, has expanded this Spring; and I’ve received a few tiny toys to check out.

The World’s Smallest toys are designed with the same working functions as the original classic toys, but in the smallest sizes ever created! We received the 4 toys pictured above, and my kids were quick to grab them when I opened the box.

Notice that the Rock-A-Stack, Doodletop, and Chatter Telephone all say, “Yes! Actually Works!” And, on a small scale, they do. Poor Sock Monkey really doesn’t do anything at all. I’ve never been a fan of the Sock Monkey; but my oldest daughter likes all monkeys, so I passed him on …read more

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