Reluctant Writer? LEGO Lover? Check This Out!

By Heidi

This Friday, we’re taking Ian to the LEGO KidsFest. He’s crazy about LEGOs, so he can’t wait! One company that is going to be represented there is Santoki. Recently, Santoki introduced a line of LEGO Stationery. No, I’m not kidding! LEGO STATIONERY!

Can you even imagine? If you have a LEGO lover in your family (like I do), then you’re definitely going to want to check this out! Especially if you also have a reluctant writer! (I’ve been having Ian write some Bible verses each morning, since he finished his handwriting book for the year. He’s incredibly slow at it. But, when I handed him a red [his favorite color] LEGO pen, he got right to work.)

Santoki LEGO Stationery

Santoki LLC introduced LEGO Stationery, an assortment of buildable writing implements that utilize LEGO elements and all work together as a system.

The collection includes a colorful assortment of pencils, erasers, pens, markers, journals, organizers and buildable rulers. The stationery line, featuring square pens, round erasers with a brink in the middle, and 2×2 pencil toppers, allows LEGO lovers to clutch their stationery items and build upon them …read more

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