Fun at LEGO KidsFest

By Heidi

Yesterday was the big day . . . Ian’s countdown finally came to an end and it was time for LEGO KidsFest. He was excited! Not only because he LOVES LEGOS, but also because it was in Harrisburg, which meant that we didn’t have to drive nearly as far as we drove to get to BrickFest Live last year. I’m so glad that we got our tickets early (thanks to US Family Guide); when we pulled into the parking lot, there were signs saying that the LEGO event was sold out. It’s actually sold out for both time slots today and tomorrow as well. Apparently lots of kids (and adults) in central PA love LEGOS!

I just have to give a big shout out to LEGO KidsFest for bringing their event to Harrisburg! So often, these large events are in Philly or Baltimore or DC; but not near enough to us that it’s easy access. So, this was a nice change of pace.

Our Experience with LEGO KidsFest

We arrived about a 1/2 an hour before the doors were to open. We waited in the van for a …read more

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