Perfect Burgers Every Time with Cave Tools

By Heidi

Years ago, when I was a child, I remember my mom having a burger press. I’m pretty sure it was a product of “that company that sold plasticware at home parties” (you know the one I mean). For the record, I loved that company; and I still have some of their products that I use a lot. But, that particular product was not one of my mom’s favorites. In fact, she sold it at a yard sale, I believe. She said the burgers always stuck to it. And, really? You could only make one burger at a time. That’s just silly!

Aside from homemade pizza, one of Ashley’s favorite things to make for us – especially on warm weekends – is homemade burgers. But, around here, we like our burgers well done. And, it’s really hard to get a handmade burger patty thin enough to make it well done on the inside. So, when I saw this new silicone burger press from Cave Tools, I thought this might be just what we need!

So, we gave it a whirl! And we liked the results.

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