Meaningful Words from Craft Street Design

By Heidi

The other week, I received an e-mail from Pratima at Craft Street Design, introducing me to her site and shop. I’m so glad she reached out to me because I am really loving her prints! Pratima realizes how important encouraging words of wisdom and motivational quotes can be; and she’s taken that knowledge and turned it into a business designing these quotes into prints that can be used all over your house!

I spent quite some time perusing the site and thinking about where I could use various prints. There are some specifically for writers that my oldest daughter would love, some designed specifically for certain rooms like the nursery, and some designed with certain goals (like overcoming fear) in mind.

After much thought, I decided that I wanted the print that says “choose happy.” It seems to meet me where I am in life at this moment in time. I want to be happy. But, sometimes, quite frankly, I’m not. I know that happiness IS a choice. It’s not always easy to choose happiness – sometimes it seems so much easier to be negative …read more

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