White Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake

By Heidi My favorite food this week: White Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake


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Heidi Says . . .

I was full before my entree even arrived (so I was glad it wasn’t all that delicious)! Because, you know, you just have to order dessert on the Disney Cruise Line! (Your servers will pretty much insist!) Brian opted for the Cookies ‘n Cream Sundae, but I wanted something a bit more “classy” so I chose the cheesecake.

Just look at that presentation! Honestly, it was almost too pretty to eat. But, I managed to eat about half of it. And it was as delicious as it looks! I’m not normally a fan of white chocolate, but the addition of the raspberry flavoring helped to tone down the sweetness of the chocolate and make for an eye-appealing and palate-pleasing dessert.

And in case you wanted to see Brian’s dessert as well:

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