DVD Review: Goldie & Bear ~ Best Fairytale Friends

By Terri

Coming to DVD on April 19th (2016), it’s Goldie & Bear: Best Fairytale Friends! Goldie & Bear and all your favorite fairytale friends go on new adventures and usually end up learning a lesson along the way! This magical DVD includes over 7 episodes (14 stories), 2+ hours of run-time, and a FREE Playtime Fun Set is included inside the DVD case – filled with re-usable stickers, games and more!


Goldie & Bear are newfound best friends and go on adventures together in this new hit Disney Jr. series. The graphics are very colorful, the music is fun and each episode features a life-lesson to help little ones understand how best to treat others.

One particular episode I enjoyed was The Big Good Wolf. When “Big Bad’s” brother comes to visit, all the fairytale friends learn that he’s changed and is very nice and polite – they refer to him as the Big Good Wolf. Everyone makes an effort to show Big Bad that being nice to others is the first step in gaining new friends. Big Bad eventually learns to be polite and share with others, but not without a few slip-ups along the way – everyone makes mistakes, …read more

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